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Mar, 2022

2022 Schedule

April 26 + 27 SPARC evaluation nights for Minor A, AA, Majors and 50/70
Tuesday, April 26 4:30 to 6:30 Minor A and AA
Wednesday, April 27 5-6:30 Majors and 50/70
May 21 Opening Day and first games of the season 

TBall 4-5 pm T/TH
Minor A (Coach Pitch) 5-6:30pm T/TH
Minor AA 9Kid Pitch) 5-7pm M/W
Majors 7-9pm M/T/TH 
50/70 5-7pm M/T/TH 
Seniors 7-9pm M/T/TH/F 

This is our practice schedule for Seniors and 50/70 and Majors. This is the practice AND game schedule for T-Ball, A, AA. Upper level interleague games will be announced by coaches as soon as this info is known.  For Tball, A, and AA games and practices rotate on a game, game practice rotation depending on which teams play first games. If you have a practice, your next two "practice" times will be games against one of the other teams in your same division. 

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