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Apr, 2021


T-Ball           4-5 YO             T/Th 5-6pm
Minor A        6-8 YO            T/Th 5-6:30pm
Minor AA     9-10 YO          M/W 5-7pm
Majors          11-12 YO        M/T/TH 7-9pm
50/70            12-13YO         M/T/TH 5-7pm
Seniors         14-16YO         M/T/TH/F 7-9pm

Anchor Point T-Ball                 ages 4-6           M/W 5-6pm
Anchor Point Sandlot Ball       ages 6-11          M/W 6:15-7:45

Evaluation nights at the SPARC for Minor A, Minor AA and Majors.
Minor A         4-5pm T April 27
Minor AA.     5-6pm T April 27
Majors.           4-5pm W April 28

Opening Day at Karen Hornaday Park Saturday May 22 @ noon. We will have food trucks and first games of the season!

Regular season May 10-June 30

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